Is the CarbonPro Bed for the 2020 GMC Sierra worth it?

The GMC Sierra has set the standard for the full-size light-duty pickup truck class for quite a long time. At this point in the model’s development, offering class-leading performance, efficiency and access to technology is almost second nature. However, that has not stopped the engineering and design teams from breaking new ground. If you’ve been reading about the newest version of the truck available at Craig Dunn Motor City, you might be wondering, ‘Is the carbon-fiber cargo bed for the 2020 GMC Sierra worth it?’ Owners who plan on pushing the limits of what their 2020 Sierra can haul, opting for the carbon-fiber cargo bed could have some major advantages. Let’s take a look at this new technology.

Sierra Carbon Pro Bed - Carbon Fiber

Increased strength/durability

The carbon fiber composite used for the truck’s cargo bed is designed to be more resistant to scratches, dents and corrosion that steel or aluminum. This means that rust damage can be largely avoided. Scratches and dents lead to rust and rust leads corrosion. Corrosion leads to trucks falling apart from the inside out and it can be very expensive to repair – if it’s even possible.

Lighter and more efficient

It doesn’t take a lot of extra weight to start to eat into a truck’s fuel economy scores. The carbon fiber bed is about 25 percent lighter than one built from steel, saving approximately 60 unnecessary pounds from being hung on the truck. This will certainly help with overall fuel economy.

More functional

Owners of the 2020 GMC Sierra with the CarbonPro Bed who also like to ride ATVs or dirt bikes will want to take a closer look at this feature. GMC engineers designed the carbon-fiber cargo bed to stand up to the abuse off-road tires can inflict. In fact, it was tested by launching a snowmobile out of the back with metal studs on the track. Barely any scratches were found.

You can learn more about the carbon fiber bed option in the 2020 GMC Sierra today when you make an appointment with a Craig Dunn Motor City product expert.

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