Stay safe this summer with our Canadian summer driving tips!

Tomorrow is the official first day of summer this year, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our team at Craig Dunn Motor City is committed to keeping you safe during the summer season, so we’re giving out some of our best tips for safe summer driving in Canada. Read on for details! 

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Summer driving tips Canada

Focus on the road 

This may seem fairly obvious, but it’s easy to get distracted while on the road in the summertime. Whether you’re surrounded by beautiful Canadian landscape or you’ve got a delicious milkshake in your cupholder that’s demanding your attention, make sure you keep your eyes on the road at all times. This is especially important in construction zones, where lanes may be closed or workers may be close to the edge of the road.

Keep the interior of your car cool 

Leaving children or pets in the car while you run inside a store is a huge no-no, as headstroke is common when kids or pets are left unattended in a parked car. Temperatures inside a parked car can reach deadly levels in just 10 minutes even when it’s only 80 degrees outside. In fact, even if the windows are rolled down or the air conditioning is turned on, it’s still unsafe to leave kids or pets in the vehicle unattended.

Follow your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule 

It’s easy for your vehicle to overheat or malfunction in the warm months, so make sure to stay on top of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. This includes receiving oil changes on time as well as replacing filters or other equipment as necessary.

Driving safely during summer in Canada
Oil change in Portage la Prairie, MB

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Have additional summer driving tips that would be helpful for our readers to know? If so, please drop us a line in the comments below so we can add the tip to our list! Drivers in need of a vehicle service to keep their cars happy and healthy are encouraged to schedule a service appointment at Craig Dunn Motor City online today!

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