How spacious is the new Trax?

2019 Chevy Trax Legroom and Cargo Space

The 2019 Chevy Trax is a subcompact SUV that offers several amenities inside its interior. This model also has plenty of room for your passengers and luggage. You can feel comfortable inside the Chevy Trax for a fun ride. Let’s see what this vehicle can do for you. 

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Passenger Volume

The five-seat passenger volume of the Chevy Trax has of room to go around. This vehicle has a total passenger volume of 2,636 liters, or 92.8 cubic feet, of space. When it comes to legroom, the Chevy Trax helps shoppers relax inside its comfortable cabin. You and your front-seat passenger have 1036 millimeters, or 40.8 inches, of legroom in the front row and there are 907 millimeters, or 35.7 inches, of legroom in the rear row of seats.

2019 Chevy Trax cargo space with sailboard

2019 Chevy Trax rear seating

Trunk Room

If you need some room for your gear or equipment, the 2019 Chevy Trax has what you need. Behind its rear row of seats, you can fit your luggage inside its 530 liter, or 18.7 cubic feet, cargo capacity. You can fold down the rear row of seats for a maximum cargo capacity of 1371 liters, or 46.4 cubic feet, of space. This should give you the space you need for zipping around town or cruising on the highway.

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After seeing the 2019 Chevy Trax legroom and cargo space, you can visualize what it is like to sit inside. We hope we helped you find everything you were looking for. If this is the vehicle for you, you can check out our inventory and schedule a test drive with us on our website. At Craig Dunn Motor City we are happy to help you find the car, truck, or SUV that you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll see you soon.

Check out the Chevy Trax

Check out the Chevy Trax

How much space is inside the Chevy Trax?

How much space is inside the Chevy Trax?


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