What is a Head-Up Display?

GM Head-Up Display

Each year, the automotive industry comes up with new technologies that help drivers. Technology can help with fuel efficiency, safety, entertainment or simply keep the driver informed. There are a variety of new and exciting technologies to explore and they differ from brand to brand. One of these developments is the head-up display (HUD). This feature is available on many GM vehicles and it helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road while still staying informed. Let’s take a look at the history of the GM head-up display.

General Motors first began developing the head-up display back in 1965. Each decade since, it has gotten more and more developed. These systems play an important role in maximizing driver’s attention. The system projects important information onto the windshield and in the driver’s line of sight. Instead of looking at gauge clusters and infotainment screens, drivers can just glance at the head-up display directly in front of them. Recently there have been many improvements in the system to help drivers even more.

For starters, the screen has been simplified. Drivers can now select from screens that focus on navigation, audio information, a tachometer or a speedometer. The HUD screens are now tailored for each individual driver. GM has also improved the overall look of the HUD. It now has easy-to-read graphics with fine lines and distinct fonts. Icons have been simplified and lines must be at least four pixels wide. The HUD also features easy-to-use controls that are located on the steering wheel. You can interact with both the HUD and information centre with the same set of controls.

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