How Do You Make a Truck Aerodynamic?

How Do You Make a Truck Aerodynamic?

A ton of science goes into the development (and constant improvement) of any vehicle, and GMC trucks like the Sierra are no exception. While we’re going to go into some of the details in this blog (because this stuff is cool and practical at the same time) the simple answer to the question of “How do you make a truck aerodynamic” is “With a lot of work.”

A few years ago, the Sierra was put under the microscope (or rather, into a wind tunnel) at the General Motors Aerodynamics Lab. With huge turbines, this lab is able to create winds of up to 222 km/h. By watching how wind flows around the GMC Sierra 1500, scientists were able to look at the entire truck and design it to create the least air-resistant ride.

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Wind resistance tailgate testModifications to the front fascia, the top of the Sierra’s tailgate, the centre high-mounted stop light, cab sealing, and even tweaks to the Sierra’s flow path from the grille to the radiator are the designed to improve aerodynamics.

What are the benefits of aerodynamics?

The benefits of good aerodynamics in vehicles included a quieter ride, less-wind resistance (so easier driving and handling), and improved fuel consumption. You can’t really change the fact that you are driving several hundred kilograms of steel from one place to another, but you can at least decrease how hard the air hits it.

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What are the best accessories to improve aerodynamics?

Many accessories like bug deflectors, different size tires, non-standard bumpers, or cargo nets instead of solid tailgates can increase air resistance. In fact a raised tailgate is better for driving because the truck is designed to have the air flow around it instead of catch on it.

Some accessories that can improve aerodynamics include tonneau covers for the bed (soft are better than hard) or some running boards, because both modifications help air move smoothly over the vehicle’s sides and without drag.

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