How does GMC’s Lane Departure Warning System work?

GMC Lane Departure Warning System

Automakers are constantly working to make sure their vehicles are as safe as possible, and as technology gets more and more advanced, safety features can be a little tricky to understand. GMC’s Lane Departure Alert is now available on a wide variety of vehicles in the manufacturer’s lineup, so we’re breaking down how exactly this advanced safety system works. Read on for details!

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GMC Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning

GMC’s Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses a camera sensor located on the windshield to detect lane markings on the road. The system operates while the vehicle is travelling between 37 mph and 112 mph, and it’s designed to help drivers avoid collisions while on the road. If the Lane Departure Warning System determines that the vehicle is unintentionally deviating from its lane, the driver will be warned with audio, visual and sensory cues. If the driver takes no corrective measures to stay within the lane lines, the Lane Keep Assist system may kick in and provide steering assistance to keep the vehicle in its lane.

So does this mean that every time you try to change lanes while driving, the system is going to alert you that you’re leaving your lane? Definitely not. The system recognizes that a lane change is intentional when a blinker is used.

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