What are Some Advantages of Diesel?

Diesel engines haven’t been popular in North America for years and you won’t find a ton of them in Canada or the United States. These engines are most common in large equipment like trains, electric plants or as options on heavy duty trucks like the GMC Sierra 2500 or the Chevy Silverado 2500. The engines can get a bad rap as too noisy or dirty, but there are plenty of benefits to diesel. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What are some advantages of diesel?” we have a basic answer for you that might change your opinion of this much maligned fuel.

Heavy duty engines

Because combustion in a diesel engine is triggered by compression rather than a spark, the engines are built tough and don’t break down often. Because they do not use an electrical ignition system they also can adapt easily to damp environments.

Impressive Fuel Efficiency

Diesel burns fuel about 33 percent more efficiently than gas. That can add up quickly to some pretty impressive savings even when diesel fuel itself is more expensive.

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Definite Safety Advantages

Diesel fuel burns more efficiently, so you won’t have fuel residue coming out with your exhaust. Also, diesel is significantly less likely to burst into flames or explode than regular gasoline.

Ramped Up Torque

Diesel engines offer better torque than their gasoline counterparts, which means significantly smoother acceleration and more towing and hauling capabilities.

Clean burning fuel

While diesel has a reputation for being a dirty fuel, new advances in engine design and fuel composition have worked to decrease the traditional sulfur smell as well as unpleasant emissions. Because diesel needs less fuel to drive farther, each engine ends up producing less carbon dioxide than a gas engine would to cover the same distance.

With new trucks like 2016 GMC Canyon and the 2016 Chevy Colorado being available for the coming year with diesel engine options, there are even more chances to take advantage of the many benefits of diesel fuel and engines. Schedule your test drive for one of these great trucks at Craig Dunn Motor City today.

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