What is Magnetic Ride Control?

Every year, automakers work to develop new technology to offer an even better driving experience to all their customers. Magnetic Ride Control is one such enhancement. But what is Magnetic Ride Control? Available on the advanced trims of GM vehicles like the GMC Sierra 1500, Magnetic Ride Control adjusts the shocks of the vehicle real-time in response to changes in the terrain to offer a luxury smooth ride even when on rough roads or trailering.

This dampening system was first offered on the 2015 Sierra Denali as a standard feature for both the 5.3-litre or the 6.2-litre V8 engine options. Combined with other chassis and suspension alterations, this system made the Sierra an even better option for a full-size truck.

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How Does Magnetic Ride Control Work?

Magnetic Ride Control pairs electronically controlled shock absorbers and sensors that read road conditions every fraction of a second, for a ride that can be tailored to driving conditions approximately every five milliseconds.

The electronic shock absorbers which replace traditional mechanical-valve shocks are filled with a magneto-rheological fluid which can behave like a regular liquid some of the time, but become stiffer when exposed to a magnetic field. The fluid contains tiny iron particles that will line up in that field. These shock absorbers can be carefully calibrated to offer precise levels of dampening.

This technology is also being used in things like washing machines, and may lead to advanced reactive body armor in the future. Check out the video below to see magneto-rheological fluid in action!

In addition to the GMC Sierra Denali, Magnetic Ride Control is available on several other premium GM vehicles like the ZL1 and SS trims of the Chevy Camaro. Contact Craig Dunn today to schedule your test drive and feel the difference for yourself.

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