What is OnStar RemoteLink?

What is OnStar RemoteLink?

Many people who have purchased a new GM vehicle have wondered what is OnStar RemoteLink and what can it do to improve their vehicle owning experience. Available through OnStar connective services, the RemoteLink App can be downloaded to enable owners of new Chevy, GMC, and Buick vehicles to use their phones to check Wi-Fi settings, remote start, and many other features.

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What can I do with OnStar RemoteLink

Some RemoteLink features are available for no cost for five years with the purchase of any new GM vehicle like a 2016 Chevy Cruze. These include activating the horn and lights, locking and unlocking the doors with your cellphone, and even remotely starting and stopping the engine from a comfortable distance (an especially useful features with winter coming right around the corner). Availability of these features may depend on the trim level of the vehicle.

For vehicles equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, RemoteLInk users may also activate and deactivate their hotspot using their smartphone, change the hotspot name and password, or check the data consumption for no extra cost. The Wi-Fi plan itself may require a paid plan.

Other OnStar and RemoteLink features that may be available include checking and dealing with your OnStar account, getting diagnostic updates from your vehicle, tracking driving performance, and even the AtYourService feature which offers extensive travel information.

What phones are compatible with OnStar RemoteLink

The most recent edition of OnStar RemoteLink is currently available only for iPhone and Android, but previous editions have been compatible also with Blackberry and Windows devices. To check your vehicle and phone compatibility you can check the OnStar website.

Read More: Wi-Fi on the Buick EnclaveAll in all, the OnStar RemoteLink is a really neat features that we are excited to offer in our new GM inventory!

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