Sudden Loss of Engine Power? We Might Have An Answer

Why Is My Chevy Silverado Losing Power?

While generally the Chevy Silverado is a premium, reliable truck, there are times when even the best vehicles can end up having problems. If you’ve ever had your Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra suddenly lose power, you may be wondering exactly what is going on with your truck. Keep reading to find at least one possible answer to “Why is my Chevy Silverado losing power?”

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If your GM truck occasionally loses the ability to accelerate and warns you of reduced engine power, that could be caused by a faulty throttle body. While not common, this issue can interfere with your engine function and cause your vehicle to lose power anywhere from once in a while to several times in a day. When given a digital diagnostic, the vehicle scan will tell you there is an issue with the throttle body. This is a sign that your truck’s throttle body should be replaced.
A damaged throttle body from a car may cause a loss of engine power

What is a Throttle Body?

A throttle body is a butterfly valve in between the intake manifold and the air intake filter. Connected to the gas pedal, it is responsible for making sure that there is enough air entering your engine to meeting driving and accelerating demands. It works together with the Engine Control Unit to balance the right mix of air and fuel in your engine for the best power and performance.

When the throttle body is dirty, damaged, or just not receiving the right signals, airflow can be cut off to your engine. Without air, your engine cannot run and will stall out. This can be a serious issue, but fortunately it is not a hard one to fix. Simply replacing the throttle body should resolve the issue. Make your appointment online today at Craig Dunn Motor City near Winnipeg MB if you are having engine issues with your truck, and we will do our best to get you back on the road and good as new.

If you are concerned about mechanical issues with the new 2016 Chevy Silverado, remember that the complimentary Chevrolet Complete Care program comes standard with every new Chevy. That means that basic repairs and any freak mechanical errors will be covered for up to five years at low or minimal cost to you.

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