Is Your Window Frosting on the Inside? Learn How To Stop It Here

Winter is upon us, which means it’s the time of the year when we need to start scraping windshields and bundling up. But what does it mean when your windshield is getting frost on the inside? Not only is this harder to clear off because of the shape of the windows, but it can mean too much moisture in the vehicle. If you’ve ever asked “Why is my windshield frosting on the inside?” keep reading to get the details and some ways to prevent or solve the issue.

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Why Is My Windshield Frosting On The Inside?

While frost on the outside of a windshield can be caused by rain or snow freezing on the car, frost forming on the inside of your vehicle is caused by too much humidity inside the cabin. When temperatures drop below freezing, this humidity can freeze on the inside of the windshield, and cause hassles for you de-icing your vehicle in the morning, and make you need to spend more time than usual with the defroster running.

Excessive humidity in your cabin can have many causes. One simple issue could be all the snow that you and your passengers have been tracking into the vehicle now that winter weather has arrived. When this excessive moisture melts, it can fill the air in your vehicle and then cause frost to form when it sits overnight.

If interior frost forms once in a while it’s probably just from people bringing in moisture. If your windshield always has frost, you may want to bring your vehicle into the shop to check for leaks that may be letting in moisture

Stop Frost From Forming

The best way to stop frost from forming inside your windshield is to get ride of the excess humidity. If you have your vehicle in a garage you may be able to leave a window slightly open to allow the moisture to escape. Using things that absorb moisture (like cat liter or rice) may also help. You can also give your windshield a thorough cleaning. This may remove the microscopic dirt particles that the water is freezing around.

Remove Internal Icing

It can be hard to remove ice from the inside of your windshield because the curve of the glass isn’t designed to work with scrapers (the way the outside is). You can remove ice on the inside of your windshield with good old fashioned defrosting, but that might take a while. One of the best methods we have heard of is to heat up a cloth or use a handwarmer to quickly but safely remove the ice. Don’t use a wet rag, because that will just be worse in the long run.

Let us know in the comments if you have other methods that work for you! And if you are looking for a new, winter-ready vehicle, you can check out our selection of new Chevy, Buick and GMC vehicles, many of which are available with all-wheel drive.

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