Avenir Interior

Buick Avenir Interior

Recently Buick revealed the all-new 2015 Buick Avenir at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The Avenir concept is already getting a lot of attention in the automotive world and it even won an EyesOn Design award for Innovative use of Colour, Graphics or Materials. In honor of this award, we’re going to take a closer look at the design and features of the Buick Avenir interior.

The overall design of the Buick Avenir pays close attention to detail. It draws a lot of its design inspiration from nature. The interior is full of graceful lines that mimic the movement and appearance of the water washing upon a shoreline. The interior trim team managed to create something functional and attractive with a dynamic flair. The interior design uses a combination of premium leather, suede, wood, chrome and acrylic. The designers even put a new spin on wood trim by using it to provide a more luxurious and natural appearance that adds to the openness of the interior.

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Every inch of the Buick Avenir was carefully and meticulously designed. The instrument panel has an acrylate panel which is carved to replicate three-dimensional wave-like patterns. This design is then layered under a smooth, high-gloss outer layer. When you look at the interior from various angles, you will notice a lot of movement and depth. The Buick Avenir is a well-thought out and executed design. The interior materials create an upscale environment that is comfortable and pleasing to look at. The Avenir is an impressive addition to the Buick lineup.

Here at Craig Dunn Motor City, we can’t wait to see the Buick Avenir in person. Even though it’s just a concept vehicle right now, we are excited to see if it gets the go-ahead to be produced for the public. We think it’s a great symbol of what we can expect from Buick in the future. To learn more about the GM vehicles on the horizon, check back here at the Craig Dunn Motor City blog often!

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