J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

Chevy Ranks Highest in J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

Every year J.D. Power strives to give the most helpful and accurate information about vehicles on the market. It uses customer experience and data to create educated and informed conclusions. One of their most popular lists has it do with initial quality. Today we’re going to take a look at how Chevy ranks highest in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study.

In order to have the most accurate and easy-to-understand lists, J.D. Power narrows down their study to include four major vehicle categories: cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. After those four major categories, they narrow it down even more. The Malibu, Equinox, Silverado LD and Spark were all ranked highest in the respective segments for the J.D. Power 2015 U.S. Initial Quality StudySM. Chevrolet even has 10 models in the Top 3 positions, which is more than any other brand.

The 2015 Initial Quality Study is based on responses from more than 86,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2015 models year vehicles surveyed at 90 days of ownership. The study also includes a 233-question survey that manufacturers can use to quickly identify problems and drive improvement. This survey is beneficial is a whole range of ways. It helps shoppers find vehicles that are reliable and exciting to drive and also helps car makers strive to improve.

If you are interested in learning more about the Chevy vehicles that topped the list this year, call or visit Craig Dunn Motor City today! We will be able to answer any questions you might have about these impressive models. Schedule a test drive today to get a first hand experience behind the wheel of one of these award-winning vehicles like the 2015 Chevy Malibu or 2015 Chevy Equinox.

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