Student Discounts at Craig Dunn

Does GM offer Student Discounts?

Does GM offer Student Discounts?

A new school year is upon us and do you know what hat means? It’s time to buy s new car! Well, okay, that may not the first thought that you have, in the rush of figuring out class schedules and making sure that there are enough pencils and pens and notebooks in your life, but in all of that it is also a good time to come down to Craig Dunn Motor City and check out our inventory of new GM vehicles. Student discounts are just one of the ways that we can help make a new vehicle purchase more affordable for you and your family.

Who qualifies for GM Student Bonus?

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Almost anyone who is a full-time student or has recently graduated qualifies for the GM Student bonus. These include:

  • Full-time students of a recognized high school
  • Full or part-time students enrolled in an accredited college, CEGEP, university or apprenticeship program
  • Full or part-time students of an Adult and Vocational Program
  • Students that have graduated within the last four years from a recognized high school, college, CEGEP, university, apprenticeship program, or Adult and Vocational program.

What are the benefits of the GM student discount?

With the GM Student Bonus, you get a new Chevy, Buick or GMC vehicle and save up to $750 on the purchase price.

What vehicles are offered with GM Bonus Cash

If you can dream it you can get it. Both 2016 and 2015 models are eligible for the student bonus cash on vehicles ranging from the Chevy Cruze to the Silverado and every Buick Enclave and GMC Canyon in between.

In addition to the Student Cash Bonus, each GM vehicle comes with the guaranty of quality driving, backed by a solid GM warranty. Check out the opportunity today!

How can I keep my car’s cabin from getting too hot?

How can I keep my car’s cabin from getting too hot?

What if my car gets stuck in the snow?

What if my car gets stuck in the snow?


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