GM Puts Vehicles to the Test

GM Performance Tests

When it comes to developing high performance vehicles, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Once the vehicle is designed are created, there is still work to be done. Automotive companies must test these vehicles to make sure that they are able to handle any driving condition. It is important for car companies to ensure that their vehicles are safe and can perform in a variety of conditions. Let’s explore what kind of GM performance tests that GM vehicles go through.

One of the many tests GM vehicles go through is the Milford Road Course that was developed under the leadership of Bob Lutz, the former GM vice chairman. The course is 4.5 kilometres long and includes 17 turns, each designed to test a specific performance requirement. There is also a straightaway that lets GM test vehicles at speeds above 240 km/h. The course helps test handling, steering, braking and more. Driving these tracks is a very small but vital part of the testing process.

This year is the 90th year of the Milford Road Course. This course helps ensure that GM vehicles are the best in the world. The performance testing uses professional drivers and expert engineers to determine the results of the test drives. Engineers work hard to prove that these vehicles are ready to hit the road in the real world. While testing used to be about whether or not the vehicle could make to from one point to another, the tests now make sure that the journey is exciting as well as efficient.

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