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How to Choose a Car Colour?

When buying a new vehicle some people don’t think much about the colour they choose. Some just choose their favourite colour or they pick at random. Instead, you should take careful consideration before choosing. Today we’re going to take a look at just how to choose a car colour.

What vehicle colours prevent theft?

There are some studies out there that suggest that car theft has a correlation with car colour. A vehicle is typically less likely to be stolen if it isn’t a mainstream colour. Thieves tend to pick cars with popular colours. The best colours choices to avoid theft are red, orange, brown and green.

What colours are cooler?

If you dislike coming back to a hot car in summertime, there are a few options that will be cooler. These vehicles include cars that are lighter in colour. So if you want to keep your vehicle at a cooler temperature choose a white or silver vehicle instead of black or dark green.

What car colour requires more maintenance?

Some colours show more dirt and wear than other colours. Typically, the darker the colour, the most obvious any scratches or swirls will be. Dark reds or dark metallics show more wear and tear where lighter colours like silver or gray show less.

Choosing a car colour is a lot more complicated than it seems. You have to compromise and decide which benefits are most valuable to you. No matter what colour you decide on, you will be able to find it here at Craig Dunn Motor City. All of our vehicles like the 2015 Chevy Cruze or 2015 GMC Sierra come in a wide range of colour options. Schedule a test drive today to see which one is the right fit for you.

How can I keep my car’s cabin from getting too hot?

How can I keep my car’s cabin from getting too hot?

What if my car gets stuck in the snow?

What if my car gets stuck in the snow?


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