How can I keep my car’s cabin from getting too hot?

Tips to keep your car cool this summer

The summer is on its way and that means hot cars. When your car has been sitting out in the sun all day, it can be a little too much to step inside immediately. The seat belt is hot to the touch and the air is muggy. You don’t have to worry about that if you follow these tips to keep your car cool this summer.  

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Windows and Doors

The old-fashioned way of doing things is cracking open the window before leaving your car. That can help a little bit. The other is to let the hot air out of the vehicle by opening the door and letting the cooler air go in. This way makes it a little easier to take the heat but it’s always going to be a little warm inside.


You can always cover your vehicle. There are whole car covers that you can put over your vehicle to make sure that the sunlight reflects off the cover and not heat up your vehicle’s interior. Covering the seats with blankets can help make them less hot, especially when you have leather seats.


There have been some advancements in car technology like solar powered fans and sunshades to help reflect the light from your vehicle. The fans can help you and your vehicle be less cold when you step inside. Many of these tools are inexpensive and can help you have a cool summer.

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These tips to keep your car cool this summer are just some suggestions. We hope we helped you find the solution to your problem. If you are looking for a new car this summer, you should check out our online inventory to see what we have available. Don’t forget to schedule a test drive with us at Craig Dunn Motor City today as well.

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