Looking for Santa? Find him with OnStar this Christmas!

Out here in Portage La Prairie, sometime it can be hard to keep track of where Santa is going to be, at least as we get closer to Christmas and the time when he will be filling up his sleight in preparation for Christmas. Fortunately, any OnStar enabled vehicle  this holiday season will be able to give families real-time information on where jolly old Saint Nick can be found. This service is available in any new Chevy, Buick, or GMC vehicle.

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Tracking Santa Across Canada with OnStar

santa claus carrying a sack waves helloIn order to offer real-time information on Santa’s trip across North America this Christmas, OnStar has teamed up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). For the seventh year in a row, OnStar subscribers will be able to check on Santa’s location from 6am EST Christmas Eve and 5am Christmas Day. OnStar subscribers can get updates on Santa’s location just by pressing the blue Onstar button on their enabled vehicles.

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The Santa Tracking program has been going for sixty years, first run through the Continental Air Defense Command Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and then later by NORAD. It provides interested children and adults with realtime updates on Santa’s location as he journeys over the world delivering presents. OnStar is pleased to be able to help families follow the big man’s progress across Canada.

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Santa in Portage La Prairie

And if you still need to see Santa before Christmas Eve and Day when he takes to the skies in his slay, he will be at the PCU Centre tomorrow (Saturday, December 19, 2015) from 2:30pm- 4:30pm at the Skate with Santa event.

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Looking for Santa? Find him with OnStar this Christmas! - Craig Dunn Chevy Buick GMC Ltd

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