What to do if you hit a pothole in Portage la Prairie MB

We are so glad that the weather is finally getting warmer in Portage la Prairie, but potholes seem to be everywhere after the harsh winter. Hitting a pothole can be extremely damaging to your vehicle, so we want to fill you in on some tips and tricks for how to minimize pothole damage to your vehicle as well as giving you some advice on what to do if you do happen to hit a pothole in Portage la Prairie. Continue reading for more information!

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Pothole damage repairs in Portage la Prairie

If you hit a pothole, regardless of whether you hit it head-on or barely nicked it, we recommend bringing it in for an inspection. Aside from obvious damage such as a popped tire, potholes can cause a punctured undercarriage, damaged exhaust, dented rims, or a bulged tirewell. If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s well-being, make sure to bring your vehicle into Craig Dunn Motor City for an inspection!

Car damage caused by potholes
How to avoid hitting potholes

How to avoid pothole damage

The best way to prevent potholes from damaging your vehicle is to avoid hitting the pothole altogether, but we realize that may not always be possible. Sometimes potholes may be hard to see, making avoiding them nearly impossible. We recommend maintaining a safe driving distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to help identify potholes before it’s too late. If you do identify a pothole, it’s important to try to maneuver out of the way, but make sure you check your surroundings before changing lanes or slamming on the brakes. If hitting the pothole is unavoidable, we recommend slowing down as much as possible prior to hitting it and rolling through the pothole rather than rapidly braking.

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If you have recently hit a pothole, you’re going to want to have your checked out by a professional ASAP to make sure none of your vehicle’s vital parts have been damaged. For a complete inspection of your vehicle, simply schedule a service appointment at Craig Dunn Motor City or bring your vehicle in to see us at our location in Portage la Prairie. For more information about our service department or the services offered at our dealership, feel free to give our team a call today!

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