Where can we go for a drink?

Rooftop Bars in Winnipeg MB 

Are you looking for a fun place to get a drink with friends? How about a place with a great view? There are several rooftop bars in Winnipeg MB for you to try out. Let’s take a look and see what this city has to offer. 

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Tavern United 

Tavern United at the MTS Centre has a roof for you and your friends. This sports bar is a great place to go during and after the game. You can enjoy the beautiful weather outside and then head back in to watch the game. You can learn more about their offerings by visiting their website today. 

Confusion Corner Bar & Grill 

Book your reservation at Confusion Corner Bar & Grill. There’s nothing confusing about their great food. You can relax on the roof and enjoy some of their varied cuisine. Check out their website for their menu and reservation information. 

Santa Lucia Pizza 

If you’re a fan of good pizza, you’ll be a fan of Santa Lucia Pizza. You can enjoy a cold drink and a hot slice of pizza at Santa Lucia. Their rooftop is a hot spot in town, and they have a great view and plenty of places in the shade. You can learn more about Santa Lucia Pizza by visiting their website for more information. 

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These rooftop bars in Winnipeg MB are just some of the fun places you can visit this summer. We hope we helped you find everything you were looking for. If you need a new car this summer, you can check out our online inventory to see what we have to offer and schedule a test drive with us at Craig Dunn Motor City. Drive safe and have fun this summer.  

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