The 7 Degrees of Winter Tires

In Manitoba, Winter months are full of snow, slippery conditions and cold temperatures. Changing to Winter Tires can help keep you safe and save you money. Once the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celcius, it's time to switch to cold weather tires.

What are the benefits of driving with cold weather tires?

Winter tires feature deeper tread grooves than summer tires, making it easier to grip the road on ice and slippery snow surfaces. When the temperature drops below that 7 degrees, summer tires begin to lose their ability to grip and begin to harden. Winter tires are made of softer rubber and more flexible. They reduce hydroplaning on wet surfaces and assist in making steering and braking easier in winter conditions. Winter tires are safer on Manitoba roads in the winter.

Affordable Options

Craig Dunn Motor City has a wide variety of winter tire options. We are trained to assist you in finding the right tire for your vehicle, in a variety of price ranges. Craig Dunn Motor City is also happy to take part in the Winter Tire Program, a low interest financing option to purchase new winter tires for qualifying Manitoba residents.

Not All Tires are Equal

Take a look at the different types of tires below.

Visit Craig Dunn Motor City at 2345 Sissons Drive in Portage la Prairie for all your tire needs. Or use our Online Tire Store to find the tires that are right for you. If you already have winter tires - you can book your appointment online to change them!


The 7 Degrees of Winter Tires - Craig Dunn Chevy Buick GMC Ltd

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