Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma Comparison

We love the Chevy Colorado. Not only is this great truck now available with a diesel powertrain that makes it the most fuel-efficient truck in Canada, but its power and comfort features are hard to match. Apparently, Car and Drive Magazine agrees with us. They took the Chevy Colorado and one of its chief rivals, the Toyota Tacoma, on a long-distance trip to test the mettle of each of these mid-size pickups. You can probably guess which vehicle came out ahead that in Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Tacoma comparison.

The idea was simple: take these two mid-size trucks from Mount Rainier near Tacoma in the state of Washington to Pike’s Peak in Colorado, a trip which ended up being more than 3,050 kilometres covered in just four days. On the way the folks from Car and Driver pushed each truck to its limits both on the highway and off the road.

Grey 2015 Chevy Colorado towing a boat on the road

You can read the whole account at www.CarandDriver.com, but the highlights, and what delighted us here at Craig Dunn, was how the Chevy Colorado wowed the judges and excelled. There are some highlights:

2016 Chevy Colorado vs 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Acceleration: The Chevy Colorado that was tested had just slightly more torque than the Tacoma, but it delivered it at lower rpm. That contributed to stronger passing and a faster 0-60 acceleration time

Power: The Chevy Colorado also offers stronger towing and payload options (check out our 2016 Chevy Colorado research page for details).

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Cabin Comfort: Another place that the Chevy Colorado impressed the judges was in cabin comfort. If offered more head and leg room than the Tacoma, and offered better seating comfort and smoother driving. While the Tacoma that was tested came with certain top off-roading options, those really detracted from the ride comfort of the truck when on the highway, and didn’t help passenger comfort at all.

There’s a reason why the Chevy Colorado took the lead this year as the Non-Luxury Mid-size Pickup that customers keep coming back to: because when it comes to comfort, power, and bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat the Colorado. Schedule your test drive at Craig Dunn Motor City today.

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