How do you use Siri Eyes-Free on Chevy vehicles?

Have you ever wanted to adjust your music, call someone, or ask for directions naturally without needing to remember specific commands that your vehicle will respond to? That’s what sweet dreams are made of, and with Siri Eyes Free technology coming out in multiple new GM vehicles you can have all that with the touch of a button (and without traveling the world and the seven seas). But how do you use Siri Eyes-Free on Chevy vehicles?

What GM vehicles have Siri Eyes-Free?

SUV like the 2016 Chevy Trax and 2016 Chevy Traverse currently have Siri Eyes Free capability as a part of their advanced Chevy MyLink system. Along with OnStar 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, this system allows drivers to take even more advantage of the benefits of the internet no matter where they are.

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How do you use Siri Eyes-Free?

You will first of all want to connect your Apple iPhone to your vehicle using Bluetooth connectivity. To activate the Siri voice recognition system, you will have to hold down a button on your steering wheel (note that you really have to hold it down, not just tap it) and then Siri will activate and help you do anything you need in response to natural language commands.

Siri Eyes-Free in with Chevy MyLink

What can Siri Eyes-Free do in my Chevy?

While Siri Eyes-Free has been specially designed to be safe to use in your car, and to not require you to even pick up your phone, it (she?) still has a huge amount of capability just waiting to be used by you. Whether you want to check your text messages, make a phone call, or even find out what the weather is going to be like, Siri in your Chevy can help you out.

Siri Eyes-Free is a great piece of technology that just adds to the great interactive options of the Chevy MyLink.

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