GM Vehicles Help Prevent Collisions

Chevy Vehicles Help Prevent Collisions

Every year car companies work hard to make vehicles safer by adding new safety features and technologies. The automotive industry has come a long way in terms of safety. Now rear cameras are becoming standard features and even more innovative features are being tested. This year Chevy is helping drivers prevent rear crashes. Tailgating is one of the major causes of collisions and Chevy vehicles help prevent collisions with their recent safety technology developments in this area.

One of these specific features is the Forward Collision Alert. This is available on many 2015 Chevy vehicles including the Silverado, Malibu, Equinox and Traverse. This innovative feature alerts drivers when they are seconds away from a crash or when they are following the vehicle too closely. Another key safety feature is the Front Automatic Braking which is available on the 2015 Chevy Impala, Tahoe and Suburban. This feature goes a step further than alerting and is able to automatically stop or slow down the vehicle under certain conditions if the driver does not respond quickly to an alert.

Many accidents occur when the car in front of a driver slows down or brakes suddenly. Chevy is making it possible to avoid these situations by providing alerts that assist the driver. The collision alert not only provides visual cues but also audible cues to make sure the driver is aware of any impending danger. Low speed crashes aren’t as likely to cause severe injuries, but they are responsible for millions of dollars worth the damage in repair cost. Avoiding accidents is just one of the many benefits of driving a Chevy vehicle.

To learn more about the features Chevy vehicles have to offer, schedule a test drive at Craig Dunn Motor City. We have a variety of vehicles to explore and choose from. No matter what your needs are as a driver, we know safety is at the top of the list of necessary features. Visit us today and see how your driver experience can be improved with a GMC, Buick or Chevy vehicle.

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