GM Canada Expands Research and Technology Innovation

While good old fashioned engineering and mechanics remain the cornerstone of automotive design, some of the most exciting features in our modern cars are coming out of think-tanks focused on things like infotainment systems, autonomous driving, and crash prevention. This year GM Canada expands research and technology innovation centres to grow stronger in these fields. Keep reading to learn more about GM Canada technology innovation programs.

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What Software Goes Into a Car?

What will the researchers be working on in the new GM Canada facilities and innovation centres? Software is necessary in multiple functions of a vehicle, from making sure that the radio works to ensuring optimal engine function, but here are a few things we will be focusing on in the new facilities.

safety sensing technology in GM vehicles is the first step toward the autonomous car
technology like smartphone connectivity in GM entertainment systems
Blue Buick in the middle of cold weather snow driving testing

Autonomous Vehicles

While we may not have self-driving cars yet, they are within sight, and GM Canada’s research teams are at the front of that challenge. Active Safety and Vehicle Dynamics will be another focus. When your car can sense obstacles and even brake to prevent hitting pedestrians, that all comes from software designed to keep you safer.

Infotainment Technology

Whether your car has basic Bluetooth technology, or an advanced MyLink system that can also connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, that connectivity comes from the tireless work of infotainment experts. GM Canada researchers will continue adding even more refinement to new GM vehicles, so that they can be even more connected.

Cold Weather Testing

The Kapuskasing Cold Weather testing facility will also receive a significant financial boost. Making sure that a truck, car, or SUV can handle just as confidently in the winter as in the summer is vitally important, and with a new $10 million investment GM is showing its commitment to producing the best vehicles for Canada and the world.

Over the next handful of years, GM Canada’s engineering and research team will grow to approximately 1,000 positions. Because this many employees will not be able to fit in the current Oshawa Tech Centre, a new Automotive Software Development Centre will soon open in Markham, Ontario. This is just one of the large investments that GM is making in Canada. This is a great step and advance in the history of GM Canada and the automotive industry. We can’t wait to see the technology that will develop as GM Canada expands research and technology innovation.

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