Are there any local legends in Manitoba?

Haunted Locations near Portage La Prairie MB

Halloween is coming up, and there are some frightening stories around the Portage La Prairie area. We’ve found some local legends for those interested in ghost stories and the like. Let’s take a look at these haunted locations near Portage La Prairie MB. 

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Mallard Lodge

Mallard Lodge used to be the centre of an environmental facility that was built in the 1930s. A famous businessman had lived there, but due to the Lake Manitoba flood of 2011, the lodge has been closed permanently. According to legend, while the house was being built, a construction worker was trapped inside the foundation. Now he haunts the grounds of the lodge, ringing bells and leaves disembodied footsteps wherever he goes.


The Manipogo is a legendary monster that dwells in the depths of Lake Manitoba. First spotted in 1908, Manipogo has been scaring fishermen and sightseers for over a hundred years. This creature is said to be from 12 to 50 feet long, brown, and has several humps. Researchers have yet to find this creature.

La Barriere Park

Some people have reported strange sightings at this park. Visitors have claimed that they heard a pair of girls talking to one another but couldn’t see anyone around. Others have felt the sense of being watched, while others have heard rustling in the bushes all around them at once without seeing a creature of any kind.

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We hope we’ve piqued your interest with these frightening stories. These aren’t the only haunted locations near Portage La Prairie MB. If you are looking for a new vehicle this autumn, you should visit our online inventory to see what we have available and schedule a test drive with us at Craig Dunn Motor City today.

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