New GM OnStar Feature

New GM OnStar Features

Many new and exciting innovations are being developed everyday, with many being presented at the Consumer Electronics show of 2015. These event is a time for companies to come together to show what new products they have been working on developing for the public. One major category of the event is vehicle technologies. Each brand comes out with different features and advancements. This time around GM and OnStar are at the center of the conversation with brand new GM OnStar features.

Last year GM made it possible to have 4G LTE in many of their new 2015 vehicles and now they are expanding on this technology. Instead of just using the 4G LTE to stay connected to friends and family, you can also use it in partnership with OnStar. One way drivers will be able to utilize this new feature is by receiving proactive maintenance alerts. This new service allows keeps track of your car and sends messages when something needs attention like the battery, start motor or fuel pump.

Another exciting feature is the progressive insurance smart driver assessment program. This program will allow drivers to be evaluated for 90 days and this evaluation could lead to lower auto insurance rates from Progressive, or at the very least, it will give you feedback for improving your driving.

The third and most exciting feature is called AtYourService. This feature will give you access to all kinds of travel information. GM has already partnered with a variety of businesses including Dunkin’ Donuts, Parkopedia, RetailMeNot and Entertainment Book to help provide information while you are on the go. Pretty soon you will be able to use OnStar to make hotel reservations, find Dunkin’ Donuts locations and more!

You can look forward to these features coming to Craig Dunn Motor City in 2015. It is an exciting time to be part of the automotive industry and we can’t wait to see what other innovations are coming this way. Check out all the 2015 ChevyBuick and GMC vehicles that already have the 4G LTE network available. Schedule a test drive today or call to learn more!

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