How to have fun on the road this summer!

Road Trip Tips

Summer is almost here, and there is a lot of fun to be had. We want to help you prepare for your family vacation or a trip with friends this summer. We have created a list of road trip tips for you to consider before you begin your trip. 

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Before you head out, you should make sure your vehicle is running smoothly. Get an oil change if you’re in need of one and make sure the vehicle doesn’t need new brakes or taillights. You will be driving a long way, so make sure you can do so comfortably.

Take Breaks

It is important not to overexert yourself, especially when driving. You should take breaks and switch drivers every few hours. You shouldn’t drive for more than six hours without taking a break. Make sure to share the load and don’t drive too much.

Snack Break

There are many ways to stay awake while driving. There is loud music or turning on the air conditioning to stay cool. Another tip to staying alert is to have a snack. Have a light snack between meals to help you stay alert while keeping you from feeling hungry all day long.

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There are several things to do this summer and taking a road trip is just one of them. These road trip tips should help you prepare for your vacation and have fun along the way. We hope your friends and family have a nice time on the road. We hope we helped you find what you were looking for. If you are looking for a vehicle for your road trip, you can check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us at Craig Dunn Motor City today.

Strangest driving laws in Canada

Strangest driving laws in Canada

Four tips for preparing your vehicle for a long road trip

Four tips for preparing your vehicle for a long road trip


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