Tips for traveling with pets in summer

Summer is a popular time for traveling, and many people prefer to bring their pet along on the trip instead of leaving them at home. If you’re heading out on the road for a cross-country road trip, weekend adventure, or anything in between and your furry friend is making the trip with you, we’ve got a few tips for you. Keep reading to learn more! 

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How to safely travel with your pet

Provide plenty of exercise before leaving If you’re heading out on the road for any lengthy trip, make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise prior to departure. If you have a dog, take it for a long walk or play fetch for an extended period of time before hitting the road. This will help your pet relax (and most likely sleep) while in the car.

Stop for potty breaks Car trips can cause your pets anxiety, which may make them have to go potty more often than they normally would. Plan to make regular stops for your pet to go to the bathroom because the last thing you want when you still have hours left in the car is a stinky accident.

Make pets comfortable  Pets are part of our families, so we should treat them as such. Make sure they are either buckled in with a harness or are in a crate when the car is moving. Additionally, you should bring some water and their favorite toy to keep them comfortable and relaxed.

Never leave them in the car Even if you park in the shade, you should never leave your pet in the car under any circumstances. Pets can’t control their body temperature as efficiently as humans, so leaving them in a hot car for any amount of time can be potentially fatal.

Taking a road trip with pets
Tips for traveling with a dog

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